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Erik and Kelsey are the "fun-guy" and "fun-gal" behind Thank God It's Fungi. 

Erik has been interested in mushrooms from a young age, taking advantage of every opportunity to head into the mountains to forage. The fungi kingdom has developed into a lifelong obsession.


Kelsey on the other hand hated mushrooms, often thinking "who wants to eat something grown from manure?!" With perseverance, education, and several trips to the forest, Erik showed Kelsey what the world of fungi is truly about.


When they moved to Fort Macleod in 2019, they started growing mushrooms on the kitchen table. Erik's passion soon became too big for the kitchen, and quickly took over the entire house. After perfecting the art of mushroom growing, they decided to start Thank God It's Fungi.

Hello everyone, I started taking a mushroom tincture about eight months ago!! Before that I knew very little about them. I have problems with gout flare ups so I thought I would give it a try!! Well to this day I have had very little gout and have noticed improvement in my joint stiffness. I think the tincture is a much better way of maintaining swelling, then taking pills!! Thank God It’s Fungi, THANK YOU!!



To share our love of mushrooms with others! For many of us, mushrooms are a foreign and terrifying idea.

They don't have to be!

Fungi have a wide range of tastes, textures, uses, and medicinal properties; which we want you to explore and experience yourself!

Disclaimer: None of our mushrooms are grown with manure! 

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